We love hearing feedback from our customers, we tend to get overly excited about it actually. Recently we had a customer of ours in Denver reach out to us after he bought his hammock telling us about how he uses it. He even got his friend to take some professional pictures and sent them our way–do we have the best customers or what?!

Corbin lives in Denver and loves to take advantage of the good weather, outdoors and mountains in the area. His roommates all have the other brand (ahem… eno), and they decided to go hammock in the backyard when the sun broke through after a snowstorm. His roommates became jealous when they realized he spent WAY less than they did and got the tree straps included at no additional cost (he saved over $50!). They even commented on how wide the hammock was saying the Summit Goods Hammock is actually a true double size. We’ll keep you updated on his ventures into the wilderness! In the meantime, you can read his review on our Amazon page. Amazon Review