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Summit Goods, based out of Summit County, Colorado, is a family owned business operated with sustainable practices. Our flagship product our Double Nest Family Hammock, was built to be better than the competition. Sure, ENO hammock, Grand Trunk hammock, Warbonnet hammock, Hennessy hammock, Bear Butt hammock, & others do a good job, but we designed ours with your family in mind. We wanted a hammock that would be more comfortable to lounge in, outlast the average lifespan  of similar premium hammocks (ours has a FREE lifetime warranty), and to be a value-based alternative to the cheap camping hammocks on the market, so every family can enjoy “hanging out” together. With our FREE included tree straps, you can set your hammocks up almost anywhere in less than one minute!

So whether you are in the Mountains West like California, Utah, Colorado, Washington State, Oregon, Nevada, or the South like North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, Kentucky, South Carolina, Texas, or the Midwest/Plains like Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, & especially the Northeast like New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and more we have you covered for all of your backyard comfort needs!